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Tom Brady willing to play past 2022?

Fantasy Football, NFL News
February 1, 2021

QB drops hint he might play past age 45

Tom Brady on whether he’d consider playing beyond age 45: “Yeah, definitely. I would definitely consider that. … You never know kind of when that moment is. … It has to be 100 percent commitment from myself to keep doing it.” (The Washington Post – Mark Maske)

Nerdy Football Analysis: Brady keeps pushing the boundaries for what most thought was possible for an athlete in his mid-40s, but fantasy owners need to treat him as a year-to-year player at this point. While he just completed a regular season in which he threw for 40 touchdowns and does a good job of avoiding punishment on the field, even the TB12 method can’t keep his physical skills from deteriorating. Fantasy owners should consider him a low-end QB1 with considerable risk in 2021 drafts.

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