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Aaron Rodgers not sure about 2023 yet

Fantasy Football, NFL News
January 17, 2023

QB expects to make decision about future before free agency

Aaron Rodgers on his decision: “I’m not mentally or emotionally at that point to give one.” (The Athletic – Matt Schneidman)

Nerdy Football Analysis: No one really expected Rodgers to have a decision made about his future about 1 1/2 weeks after the season, but that isn’t going to stop the media from asking the question. Rodgers had his worst season in over 10 years in 2022, although the argument could be made that had as much to do with the rotating cast of young players he had at receiver as much as it did with Davante Adams’ absence or Rodgers’ age (39). At this point, it seems much more likely he will be playing football – perhaps somewhere other than Green Bay – than hanging up his cleats.

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