Kyler Murray expected to enter 2019 draft

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January 10, 2019

Oklahoma QB was the No. 9 overall pick in the 2018 MLB Draft

The Oakland Athletics expect Heisman Trophy-winning QB Kyler Murray, the team’s top pick in June, to declare for the NFL draft Sunday, multiple sources told The Chronicle on Wednesday. Declaring for the draft does not guarantee that Murray, an outfielder whom Oakland selected ninth overall, will decide to reject his $4.66 million deal with the A’s outright. Should Murray opt to enter the NFL draft, the real question will come Feb. 15 when A’s position players report to Mesa, Ariz. ?” Murray has an invite to big-league camp. That’s when Murray would have to make a decision between football and baseball. One source told The Chronicle that Murray is leaning toward football. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Nerdy Football Analysis: It was assumed for most of the college football season that Murray would play one year with Oklahoma before beginning his baseball career this spring. He appears to be torn now, and playing both sports is not an option given the time investment quarterbacks must make. Drew Brees and Russell Wilson have helped change the narrative of quarterbacks under 6-0, but Murray is shorter (5-9). Even with his exceptional mobility, he’ll face a hard road joining that group at his size.

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