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Jordan Matthews optimistic he’ll play Week 1

Fantasy Football, NFL News
August 21, 2017

InjuryChest injury

“It doesn’t take somebody hitting me in my chest for it to flare up,” Matthews said. “It’s any type of movement where I really have to use my upper body. So right now we’re trying to get back into running, using regular arm motion and getting functional movement down. Once I can get that down, get that blood flow and that healing and the pain is more centrally located to just the sternum I’ll know it’s time to move on, get something to protect it and let’s go play football.”

Nerdy Football Analysis: Players are always optimistic about their injuries, however not being able use your upper body sounds like a significant issue and one that could keep Matthews out into the regular season. If he’s able to be active, he should be thrust into the starting lineup along side Zay Jones.