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Russ unlikely too cook near as much in 2021

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January 11, 2021

HC hints Seattle will return to run-heavy ways

Pete Carroll said that in all his years in Seattle, the Seahawks almost never saw two-high safeties because of their ability to run the ball, but that it happened far too often in 2020 as the Seahawks kept looking for deep passes and explosive plays.

“We needed to run the football more (down the stretch) and (have) more commitment (to it) to run them out of their fronts. The point is when you can play with two safeties off the football and deep, that means you’re playing seven-man front football … and that’s basically what’s happened,” Carroll said. “We have always run the football and made them (bring) their safeties down … You can force teams to do that. … That’s a big emphasis in my mind of how we want to control what the game is all about.” (710 ESPN – Brandon Gustafson)

Nerdy Football Analysis: While Carroll’s logic about attacking defenses using a heavy dose of two-high safeties is sound, the solution to the Seahawks’ offensive struggles over the second half of the season probably isn’t giving their $35 million quarterback (Russell Wilson) or the most impressive physical specimen at receiver in the game today (DK Metcalf) fewer opportunities. Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde are set to hit free agency, so the Seahawks may be giving Rashaad Penny a shot to lead the backfield if nothing gets done between now and the draft.

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