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Richard Sherman to move inside more often

Fantasy Football, NFL News
September 17, 2015
Played over 10 snaps in the slot in Week 1

All-Pro CB Richard Sherman moved inside to cover the slot receiver in nickel situations several times throughout Week 1. In the past, Sherman has largely remained stationary in the left cornerback spot for Seattle. The Seahawks intend to use Sherman in the slot more frequently this year when the right opportunity calls for it.

Sherman said he got a text from the coaching staff last Monday night asking him to learn the position for the week. Ultimately, he ended up playing over 10 snaps in the slot in nickel situations against the Rams. (Pro Football Talk)

Nerdy Football Analysis: Seattle plays Green Bay this week and Randall Cobb gets more work in the slot than any other Packer, so owners probably need to lower their expectations for Cobb and slightly bump up their projections for Davante Adams and James Jones. If Sherman operates in a shadow corner fashion like it sounds like the Seahawks want him to, it’s bad news for Alshon Jeffery in Week 3 and Calvin Johnson the following week.

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