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Panthers OC: We will target Greg Olsen more

Fantasy Football, NFL News
September 15, 2015
Pro Bowl TE not sweating lack of targets in Week 1

Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen had his fewest receiving yards in a game Sunday against the Jaguars since Carolina’s 2011 season finale, but OC Mike Shula said they will move him around to get him the ball.

(Charlotte Observer)

Nerdy Football Analysis: Reporter Jonathan Jones astutely points out that this same story popped up last year when the Pro Bowl tight end had two games with just one catch. We’re standing behind Olsen as a top-tier TE, mainly because Olsen is an integral part of the Panthers game plan. In Week 1, he had a touchdown negated because of a controversial penalty and another 13-yard catch wiped out because of a penalty, all while the Jaguars slid their safety down to help cover Olsen in zone defense.

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