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Le’Veon Bell considering a comeback

Fantasy Football, NFL News
February 5, 2024

RB last played in 2021

Former All-Pro running back Le’Veon Bell, who spent five years with the Pittsburgh Steelers, took to social media last week to say that he is considering a return to the NFL after two years away but only wants to play with one team.

“I’m gonna be honest with myself, I got to go out there and be like, I’m going to put my foot in the ground. Do I feel it? Am I hurting? Can I go out there and really play again?,” Bell said in his video, via ESPN. “And bro, I’m telling you all right now when I go out there and train in March and if I hit April and I make this decision to come back to play in the NFL again, mark my words down — I will be better than I ever was.

“And I will only come back for that one team. You all know who it is. I don’t have to say no team. You all know who it is.” (NFL.com)

Nerdy Football Analysis: Bell’s assessment that “I will be better than I ever was” figures to be wishful thinking entering what would be his age-32 season. We can assume “that one team” will be the Steelers. Assuming that is the case, Bell would start out on the depth chart behind Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren. In short, Bell would have a hard time finding the field UNLESS he manages to come back better than ever. There is plenty of time between now and camp for Bell to change his mind.

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