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Fantasy Football Week 6: Updated Trade Value for Top 100 Players

Fantasy Football
October 15, 2015

It’s hard to believe we’re nearly a third of the way into the NFL season. Time flies fast when you’re gunning for fantasy championships, I guess.

We’re also entering peak trade season, so the fantasy world is about to get even more interesting over the next month or so. Don’t let a sneaky owner rip you off—be sure to consult my trade value chart below before making any deals.

Trade Values

Matt Camp’s Trade Advice


Whatever preconceived notions I had about players have been completely thrown out the window at this point, and the trade chart reflects that. Some players are tumbling down the rankings. Peyton Manning is barely on the darn thing, for heaven’s sake, while it’s time to fully recognize Devonta Freeman as an elite value for fantasy owners.

Let’s just go through a few of the most notable players thus far in the fantasy season.

Jimmy Graham?

It’s pretty obvious at this point that the Seattle Seahawks aren’t going to prioritize getting him the ball like the New Orleans Saints did. His value is deservedly tumbling. And the Seahawks seem silly for making a trade to bring in an elite talent like Graham, only to completely underutilize him.

Demaryius Thomas?

As talented as he is, it’s pretty obvious he’s suffering from the team’s new offense, and perhaps more pronounced is the fact that he’s suffering from Manning’s lack of arm strength. He’ll produce, but he may not be a top-five option at wideout like we expected.

Eddie Lacy?

I think he’ll produce given that he seems to be healthy and the team had some pretty tough matchups against good run defenses early in the season, but it’s also pretty obvious that the Green Bay Packers can get by just fine relying on Aaron Rodgers and the pass offense.

Lacy’s value is somewhat in flux at the moment. Let’s say you think you can buy him somewhat low at the moment. What type of deals should you expect to give up for him?:

Not awful deals for a potential RB1, right? I could be wrong, but I don’t think Lacy’s value is going to get much lower. Rather, I think his production is about to see an uptick, so this is probably the week to pounce.

James Jones?

While everyone assumed Randall Cobb would take over the No. 1 receiver role in the absence of Jordy Nelson, Jones just continues to produce in a big way for the Packers. It’s not just touchdown production, either—he has more receiving yards than Cobb (394-312), though Cobb’s advantage in targets (42-24) and receptions (28-19) suggests his long-term potential is still higher.

C.J. Anderson?

He’s a bust, folks. Cut ties immediately. He wasn’t even considered for the trade chart.

Andy Dalton?

He’s a locked-and-loaded QB1. Only Tom Brady has more fantasy points per week than Dalton to this point in the season (25.5 to 22.4). Dalton has impressive wins under his belt, he has a slew of excellent weapons and an offense that really seems tailored toward his strengths. Red Head Redemption is for real this year.

Matt Stafford?

He’s a bust. The whole Detroit Lions offense is a bust. Speaking of the Lions…

Calvin Johnson?

Until the Lions figure out their offensive identity, well, he’s hard to trust as anything more than a low-end WR2 or flex with high upside. While Larry Fitzgerald has rediscovered his fantasy dominance from the past, the Lions seem content transforming Megatron into Bumblebee.

Todd Gurley?

He’s the truth, folks. He has more fantasy points in two games (30) than Melvin Gordon has in five (28), which should tell you all you need to know about why the St. Louis Rams picked him so high in this year’s draft. His 49 carries for 305 yards in his first two NFL starts should give you a pretty good idea of how astronomical his upside is going forward, too.

Finally, let’s talk about defenses. Well, one in particular. You’ll only find one on this list because I fully subscribe to the streaming philosophy, since you can often get good value from defenses by picking decent units on waivers when they face poor opponents.

But it’s hard to ignore a Denver defense that is averaging 5.4 more fantasy points per week than any other unit in the NFL thus far in the season. The Denver defense has been carrying the team this season, and that’s not terribly surprising, given how stacked they are at just about every position. They are the only defense, to this point, you should seriously consider bidding on in a trade.

All fantasy stats and points against numbers via ESPN standard leagues.

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