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Fantasy Football Week 1: Awards Predictions Heading into the Regular Season

Fantasy Football
September 6, 2015

Every time I see a random “702” phone number pop up on my phone, I know it’s almost football season. I also know to never answer those calls. From what I hear, accurately projecting and predicting the outcomes of NFL games is a difficult venture. Thus all the phone calls from Vegas.

Predicting fantasy football outcomes isn’t so much different or easier than reading the spreadalthough I won’t be calling you later today. What I will do is share projections and predictions for some of the top fantasy performances to come in Week 1.

After months of arduous mock drafts, we fantasy football nerds deserve a respite—a moment to simply gaze at the fantasy rosters we’ve drafted and envision the best-case scenarios for the first weekend of professional football. Please join me as we delve into a collection of predictive Week 1 Fantasy Football Awardsa grand event that absolutely will not include any sales calls.

Is your top pick not on this list? Do you think Tom Brady is an un-ideal martyr? Simply want to share your entire fantasy roster with a bunch of strangers? Please share your Week 1 fantasy football MVP candidates with us in the comments.

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Fantasy Football


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