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Fantasy Football 2015: What You Need to Know Before Making Your Draft Board

Fantasy Football
August 18, 2015

Christmas in August has returned!

With fantasy football coming back in to the fold, this is the perfect time to tell your boss you can no longer work Sundays, tell your significant other to leave you alone (or join in!) on Sundays and invite your friends over for some “Sunday Funday” (jeez, I’m lame).

I’m assuming that because you’re reading this, your fantasy draft is coming up. You’ve probably been too busy with work and other obligations to pay attention to what is going on around the league, but never fear, I am here to help.

While the offseason and preseason are great times to start preparing for your draft, there can be a lot of smokescreens. While I’m not Nostradamus (though I like to think I am sometimes), I hope I can provide some clarity as to what to expect and to keep in mind when you’re sitting there contemplating which players to draft.

I have 10 tips for you.

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