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Fantasy Football 2015: Players Who Get the Biggest Boost in PPR Leagues

Fantasy Football
August 20, 2015

There are purists who believe that playing in points-per-reception leagues rewards a player for the simple act of catching the football regardless of the yardage.

Then, there are people like me who believe that fantasy football should be a lot of fun and more points means more fun.

I’m not here to have that argument. Instead, I’ll focus on the players who get a significant boost from the PPR format, as I’ll demonstrate with a look at roles and a comparison of average draft positions between PPR leagues and non-PPR leagues.

With so many teams using a version of the West Coast offense, getting the ball out quick and accurately is a necessity, which is why we’ve seen a rise in pass-catching specialists out of the backfield, like Danny Woodhead in San Diego, and a bigger need for sure-handed slot receivers, like Eddie Royal in Chicago. As a result, more players have fantasy value, especially in PPR formats.

Before we begin, I’ll note that players who are likely to be drafted in the first four rounds regardless of the format won’t be included in this list because the PPR boost doesn’t significantly change their value. Instead, the focus will be on players you’d be more willing to draft because of their increased role in the passing game.

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