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Fantasy Football 2015: 20 Players You Can Definitely Count on to Rack Up Points

Fantasy Football
August 21, 2015

With the NFL season nearly upon us, fantasy football players around the country—nay, the world—are gearing up for their draft (or drafts, for those bold enough to play in multiple leagues).

When it comes to drafting, the general rule to follow is that you can’t win your league in the first round, but you can lose it. What that means is that you should save your risky plays for the later rounds and take the closest thing to a sure bet you can with your first couple picks.

With that in mind, here are 20 reliable fantasy studs that you can count on in 2015. These aren’t necessarily in a strict order, but the general alignment is from No. 1 to 20. By snagging any of these players early on, you will be laying a solid foundation for the rest of your roster and have a player that you can rely on week after week.

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