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LeSean McCoy, Karlos Williams, Anthony Dixon's Post-Week 1 Fantasy Advice

Fantasy Football
September 13, 2015

LeSean McCoy owners might be just a touch nervous after Sunday.

While the star running back easily led the Buffalo Bills backfield in touches, he watched as Karlos Williams and Anthony Dixon each scored touchdowns against the Indianapolis Colts. The Dixon touchdown was particularly concerning, as it came from the one-yard line, suggesting Dixon could potentially be the team’s goal-line back and vulture touchdowns away from Shady this season.

There’s no question that McCoy is going to be the center of Buffalo’s offense this season and remain a viable starter for fantasy owners. But if Dixon continues to steal touchdowns from McCoy, it could be the difference between him being the RB1 that owners drafted him to be and an RB2 that slightly disappoints this year.

As for Williams, it’s unclear what his role on the team will be just yet. From a talent perspective, he looks like the handcuff you’ll want behind McCoy in the event Shady is lost to an injury after he showed off his combination of size and explosion on a 26-yard touchdown run.

But Dixon is more likely to get short-yardage work and probably would be the team’s starter in the event that McCoy had to miss time, so for the time being Williams isn’t a player that needs to be owned.

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