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HC: Lacy "a little banged up"

Fantasy Football, NFL News
October 19, 2015
InjuryJames Starks out-snapped Lacy 30-21 in Week 6

Though Mike McCarthy did not expand on what exactly is bothering Eddie Lacy, it’s possible the right ankle of his franchise running back is more problematic than the team has let on. The ankle appeared to be progressing well as recently as this week, when Lacy practiced with a normal tape job for the first time. Gone was the bulky, over-the-shoe taping known as “spatting,” which he wore the last three games and provides extra support for the ankle. Lacy expressed optimism about possibly playing without it against the Chargers.

“We’re a one-two punch team,” McCarthy said. “It’s really no different than the way we operate. We went with James first just because he’s been playing extremely well, and Eddie has been a little banged up.” (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Nerdy Football Analysis: The CBS announcers said during the course of the Chargers-Packers game that McCarthy mentioned he wanted to get James Starks a little bit more involved, although no one could have foreseen him getting the start on Sunday. Starks was averaging 3.3 YPC prior to his Week 6 outburst, so this likely has more to do with McCarthy’s belief that Lacy isn’t 100 percent that it does with Starks “playing extemely well”. Hopefully, Lacy will heal up during the team’s Week 7 bye.

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