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Deshaun Watson’s 2021 season remains in limbo

Fantasy Football, NFL News
July 12, 2021

Investigations ongoing

A Houston PD spokesman told Pro Football Network Monday that their investigation into Deshaun Watson is ongoing. The NFL is conducting its own inquiry; ESPN reported recently that Watson is willing to cooperate with the league’s efforts. Even if Watson is never charged, the NFL could mete out its own punishment, including a suspension. Another option is the league placing him on paid leave while the criminal investigation plays out.

So, although Watson remains on the Texans’ active roster, that’s subject to (and likely will) change. (ProFootballNetwork)

Nerdy Football Analysis: Adam Beasley gives a nice recap/update of Watson’s situation which remains in limbo just a couple weeks from the beginning of training camp. Watson skipped off-season workouts and the team has Tyrod Taylor ready to start if Watson isn’t available. At this point, it seems like only a settlement between Watson and his accusers and and end to the police investigation are the events needed to allow Watson to have some kind of opportunity to play this season.

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