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Daily Fantasy Football September 7: DFS Stock Up, Stock Down

Fantasy Football
September 7, 2015

Lineups are being set for the first week of daily fantasy football, but a handful of developments must alter how you consider assembling a DraftKings lineup.

Trades, roster decisions and injuries have impacted the outlook for some teams, while specific matchups—whether good or badwill test NFL players. Those factors will certainly influence the outcome of Week 1 in the virtual realm, too.

Injuries to Jordy Nelson, Kelvin Benjamin and Arian Foster have grabbed the headlines—and rightfully so—but the absences of tertiary options have quietly boosted the potential scoring of a few starters.

Though replacing a high-profile player with a low-budget option carries a risk, it might be the smarter, more efficient decision. And that’s the kind of move that helps you finish in the green.

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Fantasy Football


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Daily Fantasy Football

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