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Christine Michael likely to see more work

Fantasy Football, NFL News
October 15, 2015
Ex-Seahawk RB has seen two carries through five weeks

To hear it from the Cowboys coaching staff, Christine Michael may begin seeing a veteran’s snap count.

“I think we’re going to give him an opportunity to go out and do some more snaps. I think he’s earned it,” said RB coach Gary Brown on Thursday. “He’s worked hard, he’s been everything we’ve expected off the field, and he’s a student of the game. We’re looking forward to seeing him play. … I think it will ? not to say that the other guys don’t have power, but I think he probably has a little bit more power. We’ve got to take advantage of that.” (DallasCowboys.com)

Nerdy Football Analysis: DallasCowboys.com staff writer David Helman tweeted that Brown also stated “we want to take the reins off him and let him rock”, suggesting Joseph Randle’s playing time is about to take a hit in a major way. Dallas returns from its Week 6 bye to face two stout rush defenses (Giants and Seahawks), so expectations need to be kept in check. Expect a full-blown committee for now with Darren McFadden serving as the third-down back.

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