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All 3 Broncos’ QBs out due to COVID-19 protocol

Fantasy Football, NFL News
November 28, 2020

Injury Broncos scrambling to find a QB replacement

All three Broncos QBs have been ruled out. One possible QB: Kendall Hinton. He’s on Broncos practice squad as WR but he was a three-year starting QB at Wake Forest. (Won’t be coach Rob Calabrese. League won’t allow, I’m told). RB Royce Freeman may be up as starting QB. (Mike Klis on Twitter)

Nerdy Football Analysis: Drew Lock, Brett Rypien and Blake Bortles are all out due to the COVID-19 protocol. Freeman has been the designated emergency quarterback but it appears that practice squad player WR Kendall Hinton will be playing quarterback. He’ll likely be eligible at the Flex position at some league hosting sites.

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