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10 Kinds of Fantasy Football Players Everyone Hates

Fantasy Football
August 28, 2015

For many of us, fantasy football symbolizes the greatest thing about the NFL season coming back.

Don’t get me wrong—spending all day Sunday doing nothing but sitting on my couch in mesh shorts and sweatpants is dope and all, but I’m a Cleveland Browns fan, so can I really expect anything but heartbreak each week? Nope.

With fantasy football, though, it gives me a chance to actually feel like a winner, as I get to root for my guys and typically have some interest in every game going on every week.

But while fantasy is great and all, there are some people who make it miserable.

Whether they take it too seriously, don’t care at all or talk way too much crap, I’m giving you the 10 kinds of fantasy football players we all hate—so don’t be any of these guys.

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Fantasy Football



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