Drew Lock a training camp holdout?

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July 16, 2019

Agent wants QB premium

Negotiations between the Broncos and rookies Dalton Risner and Drew Lock have snagged to the point the team may have a couple second-round training camp holdouts. According to multiple sources, Lock’s agent is seeking a “quarterback premium,” which is common for QBs taken in the first and third rounds. Lock was taken in the second round. (Second-round QBs since 2014 did not receive a premium). The premium Lock is seeking would mean either more money or more full guarantees in Lock’s contract than Risner’s slotted amount.

And Risner’s agent understandably doesn’t want to take less than the player selected behind him (9News.com)

Nerdy Football Analysis: If Lock (42nd pick) gets a QB premium he would be receiving more money that the Broncos 41st pick which is causing the friction. This will likely get resolved sooner rather than later. Lock is scheduled to backup Joe Flacco in 2019 but it wouldn’t be a shock if he makes a couple starts towards the end of the season.

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