Curtis Samuel off to fantastic start

Fantasy Football, NFL News
August 15, 2019

“Light years ahead” of where he was in years past”

Any credibility we have would be lost if we didn’t pick third-year receiver Curtis Samuel (as the offensive MVP of training camp). Rivera said he’s “light years ahead” of where he was in years past, and it has shown on the field practically every day. From the moment he snagged his long touchdown grab from Cam Newton on the first night, Samuel has been practically impossible to cover. He makes one or two plays every day that bring a wow-factor and it’s a safe bet the same continues once the regular season gets underway. (Charlotte Observer)

Nerdy Football Analysis: The positive reports have been coming out of Carolina on a regular basis regarding Samuel, who looks to be a threat to push D.J. Moore for top receiver honors on the team. While it would be an upset if that happened this season, Samuel’s biggest problem throughout the first two years of his pro career has been durability. Regardless of whether or not he overtakes Moore, Samuel appears poised to be a top-end WR3 at worst in 2019.

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