“Arthritic component” in Todd Gurley’s knee

Fantasy Football, NFL News
June 17, 2019

InjuryTrainer confirms previous reports, insists “not one thing has changed”

Todd Gurley is dealing with arthritis in his knee after months of speculation, according to Travelle Gaines, who has trained Gurley for three years. Gaines suggested “not one thing has changed” in regards to his client and that “our routine has worked, he’s been strong, he’s been in great shape, he’s done well.” Gaines went on to say the decision this offseason to have Gurley drop six pounds and trim his body fat from 10 percent to seven was not due to injuries and more to accentuate his speed. The trainer also said “it’s never been told to me” that the Rams plan on decreasing Gurley’s workload come Week 1. (Yahoo! Sports)

Nerdy Football Analysis: This news is sure to sink Gurley’s ADP a bit more, but should it? Many owners have decided to take the arrival of Darrell Henderson as a sign the Rams are preparing for the worst. However, there’s been no indication from the Rams that Henderson will be anything more than a change-of-pace back. It’s worth wondering how Gurley has embarked on such a rigorous training program if his knee isn’t in decent shape. Gurley still seems worth the risk in drafts, especially if he is still on the board in the early part of the second round.

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