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Adrian Peterson gearing up for heavy workload?

Fantasy Football, NFL News
October 10, 2019

Interim HC suggests AD hasn’t been able to get into a rhythm

Bill Callahan says Adrian Peterson hasn’t gotten enough into a rhythm so far this year. Sounds like that’s going to change Sunday. (NBC Sports Washington)

Nerdy Football Analysis: Oh boy. A healthy scratch in Week 1, Peterson can probably be expected to handle a vintage workload under Callahan – at least in Week 6 versus the Dolphins. If he blows up, owners would be wise to turn right around and sell him for whatever they can get as quickly as possible (next three games against the 49ers, Vikings and Bills. Callahan has made it clear he intends to get the run game going, so perhaps AD will get enough volume the rest of the way to be a passable flex after this week.

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